Watertube Boiler

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Name : Watertube Boiler
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Watertube Boiler


Consider the following features and benefits Claver-Brooks burner packages provide.
   - Steam capacity 10,000 to 140,000 lbs./hr.
   - High efficiency
   - High Turndown
   - Packaged Units
   - Integrated forced draft fan
   - Air atomization
   - Easy fuel chaneover
   - Insurance, IRI,FM,etc. as requied
   - Lower maintenance
   - Less downtime and costs
   - Longer refractory life
   - Alternate fuel capability
   - Simultaneous firing
High Efficiency,Low Emissions Burners Available With Input Up To 170 million BTU/hr.
Designed With Yiur Needs In Mind.

   - Easy to operate and maintain
   - Single point combustion control
   - Low pressure atomization to eliminate oil gun maintenance
   - integral air atomization supply
   - patented oil control
   - Built-in-platform
Operating Features
   - UL FM apporved
   - Microprocessor based controls
   - High turndown ratios
   - Quick changeover from Gas to Oil
   - High and low water alarms
   - Built-in fuel pressure gauges
   - Air/fuel interlock
   - Built-in indicating lights
Control Center With Buit-in Air Compressor
           Every burner arranged for oil firing utilizes clean,efficient,and economical air atomization.Primary atomizaing air at the correct pressure and volume is automatically furnished by the Cleaver-Brooks designes and built air compressor. The air compressor is furnished piped and wired as partof the burner at no extra cost.
All Operating Controls Located For Accessibility
           The cabinet is arranged to give the operator fingertip control at the front of the unit-where it should be. Arranged to be vibration-free and away from heat,the control arrangement elimenates the need for field piping or wiring from separate and remote,free-standing control panels. All burner componente are accessible without removing the panels.
Patented Oil Control
            Designed and built by Cleaver-Brooks,the patented oil controller consolidates the functins of four valves and elimenates approximately 35 separate pipe fittings. The controller includes a metering device, pressure regulator, and by-pass valves all conveniently assembled for dependable service and ease of operation
            Custom-designed superheaters to fit the speccifi applicaton. Rugged, convective style superheaters, longer life and predictable temperatures througout the firing range