ClearFirl CFH10-60HP

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Name : ClearFirl CFH10-60HP
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ClearFirl CFH10-60HP

ClearFire-V Commercial Steam Boiler / High-efficiency ,Compact


  • Vertical design for small fooprint
  • High efficiencies up to 85%, reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Maximize fuel saving with full burner modulation and high-turndown via variable Speed Blower
  • Easily-tuned, zero-governor, premix burner
  • More reliable operation with no dampers or linkages
  • Advanced combustion design eliminates need for flue gas recirculation and provides low emissions (<20 ppm NOx and < 10 ppm CO)
  • ModBus (RS 485) communications
  • Direct Spark Ignition
  • Low Gas Pressure < 14" W.C.
  • Ultra quiet operation < 70 DBA
  • Single Phase Power 115V - minimal electrical energy consumption
  • UL Listed (Natural Gas)
  • Controls are CSD-1 Compliant

Advenced Burner Technology
The ClearFire - V"s high efficiency is achieved by employing an advanced Fecralloy burner designedto premix air and fuel for optimal combustion and low emissions. A varible speed blower motor provides extended burner turndown capability

Patented Heat Tranfer Technology®

  The internationally patented Alufer firetube is the latest Claver-Brooks innovation in advanced heat transfer technology.

  The tube is constructed from an inner aluminum alloy finned surface, die fitted within an outer carbon steel tube providing exceptional heat exchange characteristics that are attributed to the following factors:

  • Thermal conductivity of the Alufer insert is significantly greater than that of carbon steel.
  • Internal finned surface of the Alufer® tube enlarges the heat exchange surface area threefold
  • Inner surface of the tube is divided into ten flow channels to create maximum turbulence and heat transfer.

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